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Man, last night was rough. However, it’s all gonna be okay. Things will work out and I will stop losing my shit here and there. Now I have to process my emotions correctly so my brain and heart will realign to stabilize my soul. Things will okay.


that awesome feeling when you know that despite not talking to a friend everyday or even after a very long time that you’re both still cool


(via standupforyourselves)

I’m really sorry I’m putting myself through so much shit because of feelings. All I want is this pulsing pain to stop and for me to just stop hurting and breaking my own heart. Apparently, it can be really hard to stop caring… I’m so foolish.

For the past few days… weeks… I’ve been all happy and stuff. Then every thing just came crashing down like a fucking airplane shot down by a missile sent by a broken damn heart. I’m so shattered it hurts. I bottle up my emotions not realizing they’re there until they explode and it’s quite a show. The show costed me $5 in gelato and $10 on gas to drive to buy that damn gelato. Still, at the very moment, I’m feeling so many god damn negative emotions, all I want to do is cry but if I do, it’ll be an ocean of tears and I just can’t do that. I just wished so badly that shit was different.

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